DEMO 2012

by Grave New World

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released May 19, 2012


Engineered/Produced: Evan Scott @



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Grave New World Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Hardcore

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Track Name: RAT CITY
The RATS seem to follow me, wherever I go. Twenty five years old, doomed, defeated, and left for the crows. These are the songs for the LOWLIFES, a gutter symphony. Street-SCUM writing punk rock songs that all end in tragedy (and they were singing). For years now we’ve watched this wretched world as we know it come to an end. We had to stop being honest with the people ‘cuz they were blind, and they just didn’t seem to understand the plan we had for them. We all know that good things come to all of those who HATE, and we can always feed the senseless VIOLENCE that we all just seem to crave. We’re getting twisted turned up and blacklisted, banned from every club because they just don’t feel this. This place is foul and we all just wanna go, but the girls are wasting time powdering their nose all night.
These streets didn’t give a fuck about me, they just stood and stared, and though I was a FREAK. In an instant I knew I should leave, this goddamned city of mediocrity. I knew this day was coming, I knew it all would end, with all this dirty money that I just cant seem to spend. Still goin’ it alone, and looking for a fight, still tagging up the streets because we own the fucking night. These Streets never loved me. Abandon the youth as we pollute. NOTHING is SOMETHING something. We’re all fucked up, living life trust none, always on the run from the people we love
Track Name: DEAD ENDS
Sing me a song, a song about truth. One to lead this generation of misguided youth. Sing me a song, a song about passion, and those wearing it on their sleeve like the newest fucking fashion. I don’t know where they’re planning to go, but we’ll just keep digging deeper, and deeper to avoid the panic and despair of this fucked up town. Stuck here wishing we could go back to the old way somehow (what does that make me) this HATE has been apparent for years now. I’ve traveled half the state to be nowhere tonight, joined up with the vermin of the lower ranks in this urban blight. Drowning in the depths is the only place to go so we stopped believing in coincidence a long time ago. I’m old enough to know that there’s good cops and lawyers so, but I say FUCK THE WORLD and KILL EM ALL, because the one’s I hired, they weren’t worth a fucking dime at all.
Track Name: ZEPHYR
Your well being is not a topic on my mind. You think that I’m fucked up, but I think that I’m doing just fine. You can’t tell me I’m nothing, I’ll never be like you. Another brick still stuck in the wall and I can see right through. I’m never giving in, never listening, to a word you fucking say. At least that I know that I’ll never be alone in this TWISTED and DERANGED SOCIETY no more..